Hey girlfriend, I am so glad you’re here! A lot has changed since I launched my first domain name in 2011, as Best Friends For Frosting has become one of the top lifestyle sites on the web. But even after becoming a CEO, influencer marketing expert, product designer, public speaker, content creator, and now podcaster, I’m still the Starbucks drinking, Hallmark-movie watching, down-to-earth girl next door. Grab a cup of coffee and come sit with me!

Over the years, the number one question that fills my Inbox is “How did you do it?” The reality is that building a business is not all glamorous photo shoots and perfectly styled moments. It’s all about celebrating a joyful life you love inside and out. Let’s be real… Some days running a business means a sink full of dishes after taking my kids to school in no makeup and a robe while I catch up on emails. The truth is, we didn’t have fancy jobs and a huge checking account. But the grass is always greenest where you water it most. After years of determination, I learned that building a profitable business is absolutely doable with the right mindset and the right amount of passion, and I know you can do it too!

Whether you’re just starting out, or looking for some extra confetti to take your business to the next level, I’m tickled pink to share everything I have learned with you as if you were the sister I never had! ;) I am cheering for you!

you can sit with me!

Genuine, bubbly, and most of all, relatable, Melissa Johnson’s down-to-earth personality, as the girl next door, connects millions of readers at BestFriendsForFrosting.com all in the name of celebrating the every day. Melissa creates uplifting content with a unique branded style that includes Pinterest-worthy Recipes, DIYs, Parties, and Home Decor. Pinterest noted Best Friends For Frosting's account as one of their highest engaged accounts, receiving 10 Million monthly viewers. Best known for the viral Target birthday party she threw for her son, Melissa has been nationally featured as a lifestyle entertaining expert with frequent collaborations with Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart Living, Redbook, Oprah, Parents, Yahoo! Melissa has cultivated a loyal community of friends straight from the heart. 

professional bio

BFFF landed its first sponsorship with Betty Crocker, I was mentioned on air a dozen times with QVC as an entertaining expert, and I took my first trip to the Pinterest Headquarters. I quit my day job to do BFFF full time and hired our first team member, Molly (who I met off Twitter)!


Launched BFFF from the sofa of my living room, working long nights with a 6-month-old baby and a dream. 


I was a semi-finalist as a Game Show Network Host. It was at this moment that I was fired up and knew I wanted to pursue a career in media. 


I became a contributor for Martha Stewart Living. Traveled to Hollywood to do 29 nerve wracking national TV and radio segments as an ambassador for Delta Faucets. Launched an Ebook Recipe App with more than 1 Million downloads. 


I became a contributor for Redbook Magazine. Hopped on an airplane to Utah to speak at a conference alongside Martha Stewart. BFFF took over the Shutterfly/Tiny Prints HQ and hosted an influencers party. Andy quit his day job to pursue BFFF full time behind the scenes. I also decided bangs wasn’t the right look for me. ;)


Charlie graduated from preschool and future BFFF CEO, Claire was born! Melissa became a year-long ambassador for Palm Breeze and hosted a media event alongside Shay Mitchell with a VIP celebrity guest list. Claire’s baby shower was featured on Better Homes and Gardens.


We left our crowded home office and rented our first office devoted to BFFF. Andy and I bought our first home after saving our income from full-time blogging and dove in head first on home renovations! Suddenly people started referring to Andy and Melissa as Chip & Joanna! 


Created our first viral video for Better Homes and Gardens (1 million + plays) and I became a regular Better Homes and Gardens contributor. Started traveling to Pinterest Headquarters in San Francisco regularly to strategize ideas with their team on a giant whiteboard. (By the way, they have their own food court inside the HQ.)


We converted our 4th bedroom into a home office. Our first two product lines were released and sold out. I was featured in a 3-page-spread in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living and shot a national commercial with OxiClean. The #bestfriendsforfrosting AirBNB launched, which took the internet by storm being featured in multiple magazines and was noted as the first blogger to Airbnb a home. Even Lauren Conrad said she’s packing her bags to visit! 


BFFF was featured on Hallmark Home & Family. One of our craziest projects yet…we threw a surprise 9th birthday party for Charlie at Target, which went viral, being featured on Parents Magazine, Insider, Yahoo!, Today Show, and more. I cannot wait to see what’s next for all of us!